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bulletWasn't able to get my "Quick Launch" feature working...  Tried to make it so that the rocker-up switch could launch a specific app.  It would launch an app, but the app was non-responsive... bulletJust posted my source code to the beta 2 version here: bulletFound out that the graphical bug that some people complained about may have been due to not restoring the draw state after a minimal draw. bulletFound the Yotta source web site link again... It's here: bulletFinally, figured out how to get the default menu to appear:  if (! MenuHandleEvent (0, &event, &error))    I didn't know you could put in "0" to get the default menu... bulletThe Yotta web site was down yesterday so I got it going from the SDK example, wasn't too hard. bulletNoticed that the source code to Yotta is posted on the web.  May have a look at it to see how to add a task list screen. bulletRan into trouble when my code got too big!  Apparently, there's a limit, ~32k, to the size of the code segment because the processor only makes 16-bit relative jumps.  I've read that there are some way's around this, but it gets tricky.  Symptoms were a strange compiler error on the debug build and instability with the release build.  I've read that another limitation is 64k in the size of the resource database... bulletImplemented a new, LCARS font face with help from "Kronos".  May try a Klingon face too... bulletRebuilt using the SDK ver.1.3 Watch example as a starting point.  This example was very complex and took a while to do what I wanted.  But, it seems to be working.  Starting with the "digitalw" source didn't work out for me...  It was unstable and really killed the battery. bulletExisting Faces:  I've got Doomsday and have looked into Yotta, but neither is bold or geeky enough for me!  I want to be able to read the watch very easily. bulletStarting Point: bulletFortunately, I found a complete watch face app with PODS source code posted on the internet here: bulletThis saved me the trouble of having to port the CodeWarrior example in the SDK to PODS and then integrating Datebook and Battery indicators.  His only requirement is that the source code be published. bulletHere's the link to his source code:  digitalw source code  bulletWas there a bug?  I had to change this line (added second condition) to avoid problems: 

for (i=0; ((display < total)&&(i<total)); i++) { //Modified by RJA to avoid memory problems

  bulletFonts: bulletFound some potential fonts by googling "LCARS fonts".  That gave me this page with some decent looking numbers.  I'm looking at the "Trek Classic Credits" and "LCARS" TrueType fonts.  bulletTrek Classic:   bulletLCARS:  bulletdigitalw's numbers are 24 pixels wide and 34 tall.  I think I want the numbers bigger, as big as possible really...  Going to try 32x69 (as shown above). bulletToo bad I can't import these fonts into PODS :(.  But, the digitalw source is setup to use bitmaps anyway. bulletI noticed that windows is softening the font edges...  Don't know if I want to preserve that or not...  Using the "ClearType" style to soften the font edges (in display settings).  Noticed that Word displays type differently than Wordpad.  I'm using the Wordpad way because it looks better...