HP35 for PocketPC



HP-35 (like) calculator for PocketPC2002


Download hp35.exe here bullet

Installation:  Just copy the "hp35.exe" to your "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" folder (or anywhere on the device, really).  File size about 475KB. bullet

Instructions: bullet

 "Start->Programs->HP35" if you installed like mentioned above. bullet

Click top of screen to active Taskbar, bottom of screen for info. bullet

More instructions here. bullet

Visit http://www.hpmuseum.org/ for more info on the HP-35. bullet

See the JavaScript version here. bullet

Note:  Runs Full screen!  (Had to shrink the calculator a bit to get it to fit on the PocketPC screen!  Here's a screen shot from the emulator (looks better on my Genio E550G):


Updates: bullet

03Apr03:  version 1.0a posted.  Just fixed the rounding bug (I think).  bullet

Known bugs: bullet

Fixed 03Apr03:  If you store 3.81, you get 3.810000001 when you recall.  (This is a rounding issue that should be simple to fix...)