FlexProp Usage Notes

bulletGet the latest release here
bulletYou can override the default heapsize like this:
bulletenum { heapsize = 8000 }; //override the default heapsize to give more, if needed
bulletYou can define upper case true and false yourself (lower case seems to be already defined), like this:
bullet#define TRUE (1)
bullet #define FALSE (0)
bulletYou can change the defaul serail baudrate used by printf and such like this:
bulletAdd this to header:
bullet#ifndef _BAUD
bullet#define _BAUD 2000000
bulletThen, add this to start of code:
bullet _setbaud(_BAUD); //we are using a faster baud
bulletIf need max or min, define like this:
bullet #define min(x,y) ((x) > (y) ? (y) : (x))
bullet #define max(x,y) ((x) > (y) ? (x) : (y))
bulletFile I/O can go to either attached uSD (using FatFs) or the host filesystem (using Plan9).  Pick one of these defines to select:
bullet #define USE_SD
bullet //#define USE_HOST
bulletTo use Plan9, you need to add a "-9 directory" to the loadp2 command line like this:
bulletloadp2 -9 D:\Propeller2\uSD_Contents -t -b 2000000 Antares.binary
bulletFCACHE is a way to speed up loops and inline assembly by placing the code to be run inside the cog and run in cogexec mode, instead of the usual hubexec mode
bulletCode must be less than 256 longs by default
bulletOptimization must be enabled
bulletCan force usage with inline assembly by using __asm volatile instead of __asm.  This will also prevent optimization, which could have changed timings.